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Mahdi Saberi is one of martyrs of shrine’s defenders of Afghanistan. He was commander of military army of Ali Akbar (a.s) the expert wing of Fatemiyoon.
Ali Akbar (a.s) was beloved of Afghan martyr of shrine’s defenders

Mahdi Saberi is one of martyrs of shrine’s defenders of Afghanistan. He was commander of military army of Ali Akbar (a.s) theexpert wing of Fatemiyoon.
 The pure body of this martyr and three other members of Fatemiyoon not long ago and contemporary with martyrdom dates of Fatime Zahra (a.s) was funeral in Qom toward Ma’sume (a.s) Holy Shrine with expand existence of people and buried in part of martyr shrine’s defenders’.

An audio file from this great martyr published that is from his last moments before martyrdom while he is near the Takfiri terrorists:

"O’ Hussein, O Hussein, O’ Hussein. There are damn Takfiris exactly in front of us. Our injuries are increased. Our hearts warm up with Zeinab (a.s). two of us became martyr, eight injuries, but we are confident that we chose the right path. My mobile charge is going to finish, I couldn’t speak more because I had brought out my memory card, I don’t have space for shooting film.”

He took a deep breath and continued: "if you see us later we hadn’t opportunity of martyrdom, O’ Hussein, but if not, please forgive me heartily. I done wrong things, a lot. We don’t worship God faithfully… (crying stopped his talking) he saying with tears in his eyes: O’ God I wasn’t your good servant. Then he continued: it is hard situation, I wasn’t crying of fear, it was because I didn’t worship God faithfully. O’ Hussein of Zahra (a.s) … (sniper voices wont became interrupted)

Then he continued: this last shell amputated left feet of one of our fellows, my hands are bloody and even my mobile, here, now feet are in a side and his body in other side… O’ Hussein, O’ Hussein.

It seems one of the forces wanted to retreat, he yelled: no, no! there is no retreating, keep the trench! Keep the trench!

At last, he wanted from his combats to bring some water but he heard negative answer. A few seconds after had informed to Mr. Mahdi that a number of Fatemiyoon’s fighters were become injured and because of heavy enemy’s fire couldn’t move the injuries.

This young and brave commander, without doubt and fear went to a tank and with knowing he could shoot by them and could burn alive, went to injuries in the battle lonely and picked them up in the tank and brought them back.

After a few hours, Mahdi felt down by his face! Three bullets hit his chest, neck and his body side simultaneously and blood came out.

It was Fatemiyeh dates of 1393 that Mahdi visited his mother. His father said: 5 days before his martyrdom, in fifth of Esfand, wrote his will and in his will gave the news of his martyrdom! Also, the last time that he came home said to his Hey’at management that he is not coming back! He said that he must pray on his dead body and put the flag of Ali Akbar’s (a.s) Hey’at on his corps. Also, he said to his mother that I will go and will return in Fatemiyeh dates and I would help you!

Furthermore, Mahdi Saberi raised in a clergy and devotee family. From his childhood had a especial interest on Fatime Zahra (a.s).

Ali Akbar (a.s) was beloved of Afghan martyr of shrine’s defenders

He was in second year of elementary course and attended to Omme Abiha Hey’at actively and started eulogy for Ahlol Beit (a.s). Martyr Mahdi had deep interest in Ahlol Beit (a.s). He even didn’t wear those clothes that used them in Hey’at for relatives and friends’ funerals.

He had deep interest in Ali Akbar (a.s) and was activate in Ali Akbar (a.s) Hey’at and he wrote about him and put the name of Ali Akbar on his army in resistance fronts.

Mahdi in Moharam and Safar and Fatemiyah dates activated in cultural affairs. He was student of geology and attempted a lot in cultural affairs.

His mother said: "we always had pure living and tried to give Halal food to my son. In my pregnancy, I try to eat Halal food and do good affairs. God gave him an especial attraction that he attracted every one even those who hadn’t strong faith in God and religious affairs. I think it was memories of Holy Defense’s martyrs that made Mahdi became interested in Jihad and resistance.

In Mahdi’s last visit from Iran we went to Mashhad. After pilgrimage, he stood in Imam Reza’s court and smile! I said to Mahdi: why are you smiling? He said: Mother! I took my martyrdom signature from Imam Reza (a.s).” I said to Mahdi: "if you became martyr I hadn’t had anybody. Mahdi rose his hand to sky and said: Mother God always is with you.”

Source: Shrine’s defenders/1395/ biography and memories of forty martyr of shrine’s defenders of Zeinab (a.s) attached with biography and virtues of Zeinab (a.s)/ cultural group of martyr Ibrahim Hadi.

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