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Publish Date: 24 May 2018 - 10:13
Martyr Ayatollah Tabatabae who would be named as “ Khomeini of Azarabaijan “ was really a great personality for Imam Khomeini’s path and lived in Northwest Iran

the Martyr Of Thought And Jihad

Navideshahed, Martyr Ayatollah Tabatabae who would be named as " Khomeini of Azarabaijan " was really a great personality for Imam Khomeini’s path and lived in Northwest Iran. He was trained in a significant academy. He also benefited from Imam’s teaching and he became a very popular clergy. He was a member of Tabataba family who were famous as Saadat Abdol-Vahabiyeh. They left Medina during Bani Abbass rulers and immigrated to Iran. In fact, the ancestors of this family were linked to Imam Hassan Mojtaba (PBH). Tabatabae family were great leaders for Shiites and they had an outstanding position in the Muslim society as well.
Ayatollah Ghazi Tabatabae and his
father were exiled along when he was a teenager and he faced problems and tolerated many difficulties as well as experiencing events and conflicts. He was never afraid of the enemy while he was so courageous. He initially accomplished the first courses of Hozeh in Tabriz and he was taught by the great religious scholars of this city.
Later, he moved to the Qom religious center (Hozeh) and after studying for 11 years, he went to Najaf Ashraf in Iraq to benefit the teachings of some great personalities such as Ayatollah Kashef Al-Ghata, Ayatollah Seyed Muhsen Hakim, Ayatollah Mirza Bagher Zanjani and Ayatollah Bojnordi. After reaching to high degrees, he went back to Tabriz city at the age of 42. In addition of doing some researches, he decided to publish some books as well.
He would preach young generation and he even would teach them political issues as well. He could spread the thoughts of Imam Khomeini to campaign against Shah’s regime. When Imam Khomeini’s uprise was started in 1983, martyr Ayatollah Ghazi Tabatabae entered serious combat to fight against the regime of Shah. He was imprisoned and exiled during his fighting as well. He was the only person who could distinguish the violations and diverted path of Shah’s regime and he would encourage the people to fight against Shah’s regime.
The policy of Ayatollah Ghazi Tabatabae was in a way that the whole city of "Tabriz” was united to fight against Shah’s regime in 1978 and this issue became a great event in the history which accelerated revolutionary activities as well.
Ayatollah Ghazi Tabatabae campaigned against those persons who would create concisions and he struggled so much to bring unity to Azarbaijan province. He did not fight in a single battle. Various services and books of this martyr in different Islamic branches including theology, philosophy, history, interpretation… have been published so far.
All his precious works need so much profound considerations and understanding. Though the SAVAK forces would not set him free, he became a great religious character. One of the important activities which were done by martyr Ayatollah Ghazi is revising the forgotten books that had been written by the  great leaders of Shiites. He has performed many outstanding services by preserving the scientific sources. More than 40 scientific and research books and several articles in Arabic language have been left from this respectful martyr.

source: shahed yaran magazine
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